I ran into a friend from high school … maybe

Dear Diary,

Today I ran into an old friend from high school … maybe

I was driving through El Cajon on a small side street while I was on the phone with my grandma.  She was talking to me about grandma things (i.e. how busy her day was because she paid one bill) when I noticed a small group of people on the side of the road.

I had almost passed the two women and man when I recognized the guy!  It was Mike, someone I had went to high school with.  His ultra-blonde hair, the envy of Nazis everywhere, had caught my attention.

Now I really enjoyed Mike in high school and I wanted to say hi.  There was an empty space on the side of the road I pulled into it and planned to hop out and get his attention.

However ….

I was still on the phone with my grandma.

Now maybe other people have grandmas who they can get off the phone quickly, but I don’t have that model of grandma.  When she tells me, “Ok, honey, I know you’re busy, I’ll let you go!”  I know that we are approaching the final half hour of our conversation.

“Oh no, I’m getting a call from a customer!”, I lied.

“OH! Well you need to take that so you just take that call because work needs to come first!  It’s important to make sure you …”

“Ok, I’ll call you back soon!”, I interrupted.

“Of course, just call back when you’re free, no need to rush, I know you’re busy and I don’t want you feeling like…”

At this point I drifted and was glad I had lied and didn’t miss an actual call from a customer.  “Alright, love you, call you soon!”

“I love you too, Oh! I love you so much, you don’t even know how much I love you!”

Ok, I’ll spare you the details but this kept going for another couple minutes but EVENTUALLY I was able to get off the phone.  I pressed the button on the steering wheel to end the call and looked up.  All three people had stopped talking to each other and were all staring with intent fascination directly at me!

I guess I had pulled over a little too suddenly and gotten their attention…

Now that I got a good look at “Mike”, I wasn’t 100% sure it was him.  In fact, even if it WAS Mike, I wasn’t sure what I would actually say … like at all.  The stress of being stared at was draining all of my confidence.  Through my now stressed vision, I noticed all three of the people were wearing professional clothes and appeared to have on lanyards.

This was a work meeting of sorts …. I couldn’t interrupt a work meeting by yelling, “Hey person who might be Mike, it’s me Jimbo, the guy who ran into walls in high school!  Remember those times we were super immature in Anatomy together!”

This plan was making less sense by the second.

They were still staring at me … if I don’t do something soon they’ll justifiably call the cops on me.  So, I did the only thing that made sense to do.

I left.

Just put the car in gear, took off and didn’t look back.

jimbos diary car peeling out
I took off as fast as I stopped

Even now, I still have absolutely NO idea if that was Mike.

2 thoughts on “I ran into a friend from high school … maybe

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