Toddler Sunrise

Dear Diary,

I was deeply involved in a now-forgotten dream.  My weekend slumber was free of stress as even my sub-conscious seemed undeniably aware of the absence of any set alarm clocks.  Then suddenly, SMACK!  A tiny hand came down hard on the left side of my face.

Gideon wild child kelly coronado beach toddler
Gideon, my 5th and wildest child

I was ripped from my wonderful and artificial reality and thrown into this new world that slowly became familiar.  I was on my side, facing my two-year old, Gideon.  His entire body attached itself to my face.  Gideon sucked his left thumb as his right hand continue to rest on my cheek but his eyes seemed closed.  I foolishly tried to convince myself that the little face-hugger will fall asleep if I don’t move him and maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can go back to that wonderful dream I was just torn from!

Moments later, I was asleep again.  This new dream wasn’t the same, it even felt slightly inferior to the original dream.  However, just like a snowflake, it had its own unique beauty.  I was only beginning to adjust to this novel reality when I was again flung back to my much less desirable toddler-filled reality.  My entire body squirmed to the touch of something … moist.  Gideon’s drool-soaked finger was buried deeply inside my ear canal.  As I involuntarily recoiled from the horrendous sensation, I saw Gideon’s smiling face.  His face disappeared while my body’s reactionary jerk took me over the edge of the bed and down onto the floor.

I toy with the idea of hiding myself under some blankets to get just a little more sleep when I saw Gideon’s face pear over the edge of the bed. He was staring at me with joyous eyes as he leapt off the bed. His squishy body provided an example of gravity’s ability to accelerate an object in free fall.

On second thought, sometimes it’s better to know when you’ve been beaten.

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